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Why do I say" Let's PURSUE Excellence Together?"

The P.U.R.S.U.E. principle, that I presented it at the National Association of African American Human Resources (NAAAHR) group in Baltimore Maryland, is a principle that I’ve lived by ever since starting my business 5 years ago. Thank you again NAAAHR Baltimore, for allowing me to share this a few months ago!

Each one of these letters in the word PURSUE demonstrates to me and hopefully will demonstrate to you a powerful principle used to cause change; not only change but effective change and transformation in you and your organization. As I shared with the NAAAHR group, this principle conjures a “Call to Action” for effective and constant change. It makes the unseen, seen. It makes the impossible, possible. It helps streamline and focuses your purpose and ideas into tangible actions. This not only transforms your life, but also your organization’s life.

So in the next couple of days, I’m going to share with you this principle on a high scale. Also. I will share with you how this principle has changed my life. It changed how I viewed things. It changed my effectiveness in any organization that I train. I realized that the word pursue is in many of my training lessons, such as:

Pursuing and Embracing your Leadership

Pursuing Effective Supervisory Skills and Coaching.

Pursuing Excellent Customer Service

Pursuing Change in You and Your organization

I use the word pursue because it is something that represents action and something to be achieved, like a heat seeking missile chasing it’s target! So when I say, let’s pursue excellence together. That in of itself is a mouthful. There are times when we cannot run this journey by ourselves. Sometimes you will need others who have walked that same path that you are currently walking. Someone to pour into your circumstance by sharing their good and bad experiences and lessons learned.

The word pursue is that Constant drive. Where are we going? We are on a journey. A journey to where? A journey to excellence. But know this! Achieving excellence is a constant that is moving, improving, becoming more innovative. The excellence barometer is always changing. What was excellent in 1990 cannot be excellent in 2020. Think about the first flip phone and now the current iPhone version. The barometer has changed and will continue to change. Therefore, pursuing excellence is something that we will always chase but not achieve. This does not mean that we never pursue anything and give up. It’s not in the achieving, but in the journeying, the learning and the sharing!!! Because excellence is always changing and never stops, then our pursuing should NEVER stop!

I am a CHAMPION for an excellent Customer Service Experience! Organizations hire me to train their leaders on HOW to care and communicate with customers so they will be LOYAL for life!

So, let’s decide to “pursue excellence together.” Let’s journey together pursuing this world called life. Let’s journey and support each other as we grow in excellence! I look forward to sharing more of “The P.U.R.S.U.E. principal” with you. Stay tuned.

Let’s Pursue Excellence together!!

I’m your Master Curator, Your Fabulous Facilitator and Trainer of Trainers—


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