• Dawn Offei

The P.U.R.S.U.E. Principle is for YOU!

In summary, it is my hope that you use this PURSUE Principle as a tool to gain the effective change that you desire. As I shared earlier on, this concept evolved into my mantra for business. It’s through my struggles, my self-inefficiencies, my perfectionist hinderances that made me realize that I needed an “Extreme Makeover.” I desired a business but believed that I needed more. I needed more education, more experience, more exposure and last but not least, more confidence!!! I was scared, but I had to (and still must) do it “scared.”

This is when I decided to develop my business, I realized needed to walk first the path that I’m currently trying to share with you now. I had to keep driving forward as I pursued my dream from five years ago and again, now in 2020.

So why do I call this the Pursue Principle? Because it demands action, it’s a “Do” word and it Drives a purpose!!! It’s the fuel that causes transformation to take place! A few definitions state:

***to follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them.

***the officer pursued the van “– doesn’t this make you envision an episode of COPS???

***to go after, run after, follow, chase.

I believe so much in this concept, I used the word “Pursue” in my training courses that I shared in earlier articles.

Unknowingly, I created and orchestrated the very principle that catapulted my drive for my “own” change. My reminder of that very change is the very last statement I make at any training session that is now part of my verbal brand! “Let’s Pursue Excellence Together!

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