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Offei Inspirations Corner --GRATEFULNESS

It's amazing to think that Offei (OF) Enterprises is Five Years old!! As I reflect over the years, the word that describes how I feel is "GRATEFUL." Had not the company I worked for (21 years) laid me off, my business would have never existed. I'll let that rest right here!!!

I'm grateful for the professional growth and ALL the challenges along the way. I'm grateful for all of those folks who tried and those who succeeded to speak into my life :-). I'm grateful for the clients who have trusted me with their employees to train for greatness! I'm grateful for the International training opportunities that first catapulted my business before I was even known in my own country. I'm grateful for my family, who stood by, lifted up or even kept me focused on my dream. I'm grateful that I'm walking out my purpose in many different platforms to help others through training, coaching and development to walk in their "journey" and fulfill their "purpose"!

Every once in a while, every person needs to reflect and take a good look at back. Look at the good, the bad and ugly and realize how you made it through. As you reflect back, what are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for?

Pursue Excellence in everything you do!!


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