So who has benefited from OF Enterprises' training???  See further below...

Any business, Any organization, Any nonprofit organization who is Customer facing directly or indirectly. See below for the various roles that OF Enterprises can assist you and your organization. This includes hotels, restaurants, small businesses, corporations and non-profit and faith-based organizations. Areas covered are Teamwork, Project management, Conference/Motivational Speaker, Customer Service, Supervisory skills training and Leadership Training.

Augusta Ali- CEO Khameen Professional Institute --Hi Dawn is a wonderful trainer full of passion in what she does.i recommend her for leadership and customer care training
Marigold Mingle- Director LaPalm Resort and Suites--The leadership training organised for my management team was amazing.
I particularly learnt to own what I do and enjoy doing it.
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Fiifi Pentsil- My House of Worship/ Biashara Forum--You are a facilitator per excellence! A trainer of trainers!
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Hennither Gant- CEO Career Image Solutions--You are bar none one of the best trainers. I participated in your leadership training and worked with you to conduct a customer service training for a client.
Dr Hector Ortiz- Professor of Leadership Graduate Studies- Central Penn College-Thank you for speaking to my Master’s Leadership Class. It was wonderful!
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